Lake fish specialties

The restaurant overlooks the wonderful Lago del Turano, its stunning blue and crystalline waters being amongst the cleanest in Italy.

The restaurant, which seats 70 guests, has large windows which face directly onto the lake.

There is a wonderful panoramic terrace outside, which can host the same amount of people in the summer, thus offering the possibility to organize events such as weddings, ceremonies and meetings, giving the opportunity to taste our characteristic dishes and be left enchanted by the lake views.

In the evening, enjoy a candlelit dinner and discover the breathtaking views.


All our dishes are rigorously prepared with fresh ingredients, produced directly by local farmers on the lands located around the Lake Turano.

The fish from the lake, which we cook for our dishes, is fished daily by local fishermen.

The main feature of Ristorante Turano is the freshwater fish in its menu.

The restaurant aims to become a reference for the whole of central Italy, having the good fortune of being at the foot of the lake where there is no intensive farming, and also having professional fishermen who supply the essential raw material, in particular: Pike, Royal Perch, Whitefish, Trout and Eels.

Our panoramic terrace

The restaurant is at exclusive service for hotel guests

To constantly offer a better service to our customers, which guarantees a safe guide to the choice of our dishes prepared by our chefs and not to be distracted at the table with friends or relatives, here you can write and ask via an email, any clarification related to food pathologies or intolerances, therefore being able to have a certain answer even before arriving in our restaurant and taste the dishes on our menu, which express the culinary sensations of our territory and in particular of lake fish.