Once upon a time…

A natural paradise, a beautiful lake and a small town that looks like a ship moored at the foot of green hills. 

This is Colle di Tora, with just a few inhabitants, the smell of simplicity, the taste of tradition and an elementary school named after Rinaldo De Sanctis. 

Once upon a time there was a place on Lago del Turano where time stopped, and it's still there.
There are people who leave their mark, and Rinaldo was an example of how passion and love can live on over time.

Let's find out who this man is, the man still remembered and loved by everyone in the country, and who is at the root of our Turano Resort
Rinaldo was born in 1882 in a poor and numerous family. 

Back then the village was called Colle Piccolo (‘Small Hill’), because it was the smallest of the valley's villages and also the poorest.
In 1902, Rinaldo's parents, with their youngest children, emigrated to South America as a result of the poverty. 
Rinaldo remained in Italy with an uncle, he graduated at the University of Perugia in Pedagogy and, just back from the First World War, became an elementary teacher, and after a few years a didactic director.  
All his life, Rinaldo worked towards the growth of his country, he cared about the living conditions of his fellow citizens, and was constantly finding ways to improve them. 
This began in the 20’s, when he came up with the idea of using a building owned by himself and in collaboration with the Suore Minime del Sacro Cuore, to start a nursery school for the children of the village, to which he assured at least one meal a day until the nursery became communal. . 

He proposed, and personally followed, the construction of a building that housed the elementary and middle school, a building that still welcomes primary school pupils to this day.

Meanwhile, he married a woman named Zarina and they had many children, some still alive today.

In 1932, he bought a farmhouse at the beginning of the village, and had it restored to by his friend Arduino Angelucci. 

During the same period Rinaldo commissioned the fresco Buon Pastore to the painter Angelucci in an icon located in the main street of the village. 
Arduino Angelucci was born in Rieti in 1901. 
He had his first teachings by the painter Antonino Calcagnadoro, whose painting of social commitment appealed to him. 
He later went on to specialise in architecture, believing he had to expand and deepen his preparation for the composition of large-scale parietal works.
In this same period and with those characters, he realizes the mosaic La Ricostruzione, in the atrium of the Palazzo del Genio Civile in Rieti: an abstract and architectural composition, which interprets the new with the artist's own composure.

In 1938, the work of the dam was completed and much of Colle Piccolo ended up under the waters of the lake. 

Ten years later: "In 1948, Colle di Tora finally became a municipality and Rinaldo was elected (...) mayor with a majority of 92%." (From the 5th Volume of the Amministrazioni Comunali Italiane della Stampa Italiana).
As mayor, he built the civic aqueduct first, then all the most urgent services and, of course, the school building on a piece of land that he himself handed over to the community.
In 1980, at the age of 98, Rinaldo De Sanctis left us. 
If you happen to go to Colle di Tora and ask "where is the Director's house?" anyone in the country will be able to tell you. 
And, even more surprisingly, if you ask who the Director was to the old, young or even some children, each will be able to tell you something about him. 
In 1988 the hotel was sold to a buyer in Rome. 

Then the hotel was closed for many years and remained closed until the current owner reacquired it. 
In the years when it was closed, it was very badly reduced. 
Then it was restored, constantly undergoing changes and now has a completely different structure from the original one, it has been overturned and upgraded, but we really like the Turano Resort like this! 
From 1948 to 1988 the hotel and restaurant were kept running. 
The people who stayed there went fishing, hunting and went on walks to relax. 
The hotel was at the center of the village, it was the meeting point, named Chalet del Lago, and many people would meet on the veranda and look out towards the lake. 
In the entrance hall there was a bar with a juke box and music every night. Below, there was the dance floor next to the lake. 
As we said at the beginning, the story of this simple man who was so lovingly determined, has changed the fate of many people, the whole country, the surrounding environment, and many of the things he built and started with passion are still available in the Turano Resort!
Here you can still breathe the air of humanity, of empathy between man and the environment, of peaceful coexistence! 
From all of us: "Thank you Rinaldo"!!!