cappello cuoco Enrico Pezzotti 

Enrico Pezzotti

Roman chef, Enrico Pezzotti, who has been a chef his whole life (he probably received a ladle as his first present as a child), belongs to a family, originating from Rieti, who already had a restaurant in the capital city. It was there that Enrico first had some experience in the kitchen while attending a catering school. Then, after numerous trips abroad where he enriched his experience, he returned to Italy to work at the Trota di Rivodutri (RI) at the end of the 90's, one of the best restaurants in the region, boasting two Michelin stars.

After almost a decade he continues his career as Executive Chef at the l'Aleph and the Exedra, two well-known five-star Roman hotels, and for the past few years he has also consulted at the Tenuta Due Laghi, an agritourism in Marinella Tosoni, close to Rivodutri.

And now, here he is at lago del Turano, at the Turano Resort, with a new project, local cuisine, and ancient and traditional recipes to which he adds a touch of originality.

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